Theft of goods is:

Long and tiring procedure of obtaing compensation, a higher insurance fee for next transports and the lack of availability of goods = an increase in sales of competitors’ merchandise.
Therefore, we have created in 2011 a unique safty system of loads, called SafeCarGo:

  • a unique controlling system guarantees safety on the whole transport route ( from taking the cargo on to delivery ),
  • the process of verifying the reliability of carriers,
  • monitoring of orders’ completion. We put our carriers through an internal inspection as well as their history and reliability are verified by an external company. This verification is conducted before any cooperation with the carrier.

safecargoEffects of SafeCarGo action:
More than 60 000 orders executed safely.

The recognition of the National Chamber of Commercie, the Business Centre Club and above all by constantly expanding the number of customers.
Others just talk about transport safety, we know what it means.

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