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Around 200 different specialists have worked for our company's success. We provide them with stable work in a friendly atmosphere with a strong team.
The strengths of our organization are:
clear work rules, payment and bonuses,
transparent career path,
supporting personal development and improving professional qualifications,
family atmosphere that helps to maintain good communication and cooperation
partner approach towards an employee.
The career path

We appreciate the potential of people working for us and support their comprehensive development. Our employees work in accordance with their qualifications in specific fields that offer varied career paths. Depending on individual predispositions and aspirations of a particular person, we involve them in activities that matter from the point of view of the organization and simultaneously provide them with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and competences.

The most numerous group of employees consists of the forwarding officers. For individuals who wish to acquire experience in the industry, we offer employment in the position of a Junior Forwarding Officer. Together with experience and increasing effectiveness, we provide the possibility of promotion to the positions of a Forwarding Officer and Senior Forwarding Officer. Among the best employees, we select those most talented ones and entrust them with the positions of team leaders. The candidates interested in new customer acquisition may fulfill their potential in developing the sales of our services, conducting trade talks with contractors from Poland and abroad.

We are a business partner of many international companies. Our employees collaborate with customers and sub-contractors from the entire territory of the European Union.

Stages of recruitment
The process of recruitment consists of three stages: initial selection, phone interview, and, finally, a job interview.
Initial selection. We choose applications which fulfill the criteria for the job vacancy. At this stage we pay attention to work experience, foreign language skills and education.
While talking on the phone to a candidate we ask about the motivation for a particular job, their experience and their expectations with regard to the new job.
Job interviews. This is the last stage of recruitment and only the best candidates are invited to participate in it.

Individuals who have successfully completed the process of recruitment are invited to collaboration that begins with a few-day introductory period in the HQs of our Company in Międzychód.

Młodszy Spedytor
location: Szczecin
Valid to: : 17.09.2021 r.
Offer description:
Do zadań osoby na tym stanowisku będzie należało:
• Nawiązywanie i utrzymywanie kontaktów z zagranicznymi klientami
• Kontakt z podwykonawcami – firmami przewozowymi
• Prowadzenie aktywnej sprzedaży usług spedycyjnych
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