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Safe Cargo
Stealing cargo means: a tedious and time-consuming procedure of obtaining compensation, higher social insurance contributions for the following transport, and the lack of cargo availability = the increase in competition’s sales.
Therefore, in 2011, we developed a unique system of cargo safety - Safe CarGo:
Unique controlling system ensuring the safety along the entire route of transport from receiving cargo to reaching its destination.
The process of carrier credibility verification.
Monitoring execution of orders. Our carriers are subjected both to the internal control and an external company checking their past records and credibility. The verification takes place before starting any cooperation with a carrier.
The recognition of, among others, National Chamber of Business, Business Centre Club and, above all, of a constantly increasing number of Customers.
Monitoring of orders completion

Unique safety system launched in 2011

Monitoring of transport orders (ID number, license, insurance)

More than 60.000 orders executed safety every year

SafeCarGoTMS Our own IT solution to support logistic activities
Others only talk about safety. We know what it means.