As a company, we have an impact on various groups of stakeholders. We try to make this impact as positive as possible, and our relations based on clear rules. Above all, we feel responsible towards our employees, the natural environment, local communities and the business environment (partners, customers, carriers, etc.). We pay particular attention to issues related to social involvement and education. Financial education and learning empathy are the two main areas of activity of the Czepczyński Family Foundation established by Artur Czepczyński and his wife Justyna in 2019. Connecting two worlds: business and education, the founders together with the entire team of foundations show that the science of economics, empathy and tolerance can and even should be taught from an early age.

„ Good comes back to you,
this I believe ”

Based on the long-standing CSR activities of ABC Czepczynski and the companies in our group, the Czepczynski Family Foundation was established in 2019. The foundation specializes in the area of children’s educational development – primarily in increasing accessibility and improving quality. Its flagship projects are ABC of Economics and ABC of Empathy, aimed at kindergartens and elementary schools