Ensuring the safety of our customers and their cargo is always a top priority for us. In the course of our 25 years of business, we have repeatedly convinced ourselves that there is no space for shortcomings in our industry. We take a multi-faceted approach to safety.


In the information age, data is more valuable than gold. Data leaks not only damage the image, but are a real threat to the security of any organization. At ABC Czepczynski, we emphasize securing and maintaining data integrity, as well as business continuity. The effectiveness of our activities is confirmed by internal as well as external audits, conducted by Deloitte, among others.
  • Secure Data Center – Certifications:
– DCOS-4 (Data Center Operations Standard by EPI).
– ISO 9001:2015,
– “Zero Outage” program.
  • Internal data protection system
  • Risk-based security management and independent security audits.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) – real-time monitoring of system security by a team of security specialists and SIEM-type solutions
  • Providing business continuity (backup system, resource redundancy, outsourcing contracts)
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange